Chinese medicine scraping classification for epilepsy

[Overview]Brain syndrome is also called “sheep’s eye wind”. Epilepsy is a seizure disorder.

It is characterized by fainting fainting, tetanic convulsions, and waking up when shifted. After awakening, it is common, and the disease is more common in adolescents, and more in men than women.

  [Etiology and pathogenesis]1.

Congenital headaches begin in young people and are closely related to congenital factors.

There are two aspects of the congenital factors: one is that the obesity is caused by the mother’s panic, which causes the mother and the obese to be disturbed, and the liver and kidney are damaged; the second is that the parental endowment is insufficient, or the parent is suffering from epilepsy, resulting in insufficient obese essence and gas, which affects the development of the disease.

After birth, sputum and wind are easy to cause, causing seizures.


The seven emotion disorders are mainly responsible for fear.

If you are shocked, you will be mad, and if you are afraid, you will be mad, which will cause the Qi to reverse the chaos. Your boots will damage your liver and kidneys.


The phlegm enthusiasts have eaten alcoholic beverages and fats, damaged the spleen and stomach, lost cloth, and accumulated phlegm in wet turbid;Or it moves with the wind, blinds the mind, congests the meridians, and causes headache.


Traumatic brain injuries can result in head injuries due to falling servants or having difficulty giving birth.

After trauma, qi and blood stagnation, blood flow is not smooth, then the gods are lost, and tendons and veins are deprived of blood, and blood twitches and twitches.

  [Characteristics]Although there are typical symptoms when the brain syndrome develops, the conditions are different.

Suddenly, there are times, there are seconds, minutes, or even hours.

Suddenly, there is a short period of time, there are daily attacks or several times a day, or even a few days, and even the degree of the attack is different in several years, and the only thing is ignorance.He remained silent, pale, but without convulsions.

The patient may suddenly interrupt the activity, suddenly lose the main object or suddenly tilt his head forward and raise it quickly. In the other case, he suddenly screams, pumps, saliva inflows, and urinates.I don’t know, clinically it is divided into three types of wind phlegm obstruction, phlegm and fire, and heart and kidney deficiency. The main symptoms of wind phlegm obstruction are often dizziness, chest tightness and fatigue before the onset, and the hair suddenly falls.Unconsciousness, smoking and spitting, or accompanied by screaming; the main characteristics of phlegm and fire are the spitting or screaming when the attack occurs, usually emotional irritability, upset and insomnia, sputum upset, bitter and dry mouth, constipation; Heart and kidney deficiency manifested as seizures for a long time, forgetfulness, palpitations, dizziness, backache and fatigue.


Acupoints inside the phlegm fire: Changqiang, Dovetail, Yanglingquan, tendons, plump, interline.

  Scraping sequence: first scrape the muscles and shrink the acupoints, then scrape the front chest dovetail and then tap the long strength, then scrape the lower limbs Yanglingquan to Fenglong and finally scrape between the rows.

  Scraping method: Epsom method Fangyi: Changqiang, Dovetail Traffic Supervisor, adjust yin and yang as acupoints for headache; Yanglingquan as muscle points, with the veins of the governor’s veins can relieve analgesia; plumpness and stomach turbidity, Clearing heat and resolving phlegm; clearing the liver and gallbladder fire between the lines, playing a total of resuscitation, expelling phlegm and clearing heat, and smoothing the liver and quenching wind.


Acupoints inside the phlegm fire: Changqiang, Dovetail, Yanglingquan, Jinjin, Fengchi, Taichong, Fenglong Scraping sequence: first shave the head wind pool, then shave the muscles, and then shave the front chest doveAt the end, tap Changqiang, shave Yanglingquan to Fenglong, and then shave Taichong.

  Scraping method: Xie Fafang Yi: Changqiang, Dovetail, Yanglingquan, muscle contraction, as mentioned earlier, wind pool with Tai Chong flatten liver and quench wind; Fenglong clears heat and reduces phlegm.


Acupoints for deficiency of heart and kidney: Baihui, Shenshu, Ganshu, Shenmen, Xinshu scraping sequence: first click Baihui on the head, then shave Xinshu to Shenshu, then shave forearm Shenmen.

  Method of scraping and swabbing: Method of supplementing prescriptions: Baihui Xingshen Kaiqiao; Xinyu Shenmen raises the heart and soothe the nerves; Shenshu and Ganshu adjust the liver and kidney.