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Although eating in the restaurant can satisfy our tongue desire, but it is also easy to overcome unhealthy things that have a certain impact on the body. Therefore, if there is a condition, it is recommended to go to the vegetable market to buy some ingredients to make it yourself. The practice of filling melon dumplings is verySimple and easy to buy ingredients.

1. Prepare seasoning, soy sauce, sesame oil, salt, white pepper powder, onion ginger, beef filling, seasoning water 2, chopped onion ginger and spare 3, put beef filling in a pot, add soy sauce, salt, sesame oil, pepper powderMix with onion and ginger 4 times, then add seasoning water in stages, stir clockwise and put evenly for spare 5, buy a piece of winter melon 6, peel and remove seeds, wash and cut into strips 7. The key step is here, put a pot of cold water8. Wipe the melon into a cold water basin with a wipe board. 9. After wiping them all and let stand for a few minutes, remove the melon from the basin, wrap the melon in a drawer cloth, squeeze out all the water, and dry the melon like this.It ‘s 12 on the wire, then put the squeezed dried melon in the beef stuffing and mix well, then it will be 13 right away. After two hours of mixing, the soup is not simmered, and it is very dry. This is the reason for using the trick.You can’t make a soup bucket with salt water in the salt brake. Don’t worry about making dumplings or steaming buns.

By steaming, you can make a delicious alternative. Do you feel a lot of confidence?

The method of filling winter melon dumplings is very simple. Try some alternative cooking methods and you will love cooking.