Some Broad-Based ETFs Buying Xingquan by Institutions Will Spend 60 Million More Funds
Original Title: Price Decrease Increased, Some Broad-Based ETFs Are Buying by Institutions!There are fund companies to spend 60 million to increase funds!  Source: Daily Economic News. Affected by the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, 武汉夜生活网 the Shanghai and Shenzhen Indexes have undergone significant adjustments yesterday.In terms of funds, the redemption pressure faced by the fund yesterday was not small, and some third-party platforms even experienced system crashes.  Some fund company sources said, “There is a window to guide institutional investors to avoid redemption as much as possible, but the fund should be sold, after all, the redemption application of retail investors is placed there, and liquidity still needs to be met.”” However, the reporter also noticed that there are investors who want to leave the market temporarily, and too many investors are considering whether to take the opportunity to buy.For example, when a friend around the reporter asked more, it was not about whether to sell, but when can I buy it?  In fact, on the ETF, some institutional and individual investors have already shot yesterday. From the perspective of trading volume, yesterday, many broad-based ETFs and some popular ETFs significantly increased volume, even hitting a record high in the past six months.  For example 50ETF, yesterday’s volume reached 42.4 trillion, and the last time to break 40 trillion is already in June 2019.  At the same time as the transaction volume was heavy, according to the reporter’s understanding, a large number of ETFs had obtained significant capital inflows.The reporter will remove the 15 ETFs with the largest trading volume yesterday. Excluding the Hong Kong stocks, the main focus is on the 13 ETFs related to A shares. The situation is summarized as follows: You can trim them. These ETFs have several obvious features: First, although yesterdayThe market price of the second-tier ETFs fell, but the wide-based ETFs with too many breakthroughs were favored by the funds. Among them, the inflow of funds related to the CSI 300 and CSI 500 ETFs was relatively obvious.Third, some popular industry-themed ETFs, small technology, and securities firms have also seen significant capital inflows. Fourth, according to yesterday’s closing price, the 13 ETFs accounted for more than 6 billion.  Regarding the wide-base ETF inflow of funds, an index fund manager said, “(yesterday) institutional purchases, of course, there are a lot of retail investors.”In addition, the fund manager of the industry index said:” At present, it is not clear whether there are more institutions or more retail investors. From the previous point of view, there may be more retail investors that may interfere. This can also cut people more and more rational.”In addition to institutional and rational individual investors, the reporter also noticed that the fund companies themselves have started to buy real gold and silver to buy funds.Xingquan 南京夜网 Fund announced on the evening of February 3 that on February 3, 2020, the company has used its inherent funds to purchase about 37 million yuan of the company’s partial equity public funds, and every February 4, 2020, an additional purchase of approximately 23 million yuanIn total, the company will purchase approximately 60 million yuan of partial equity-type public funds of the company.  And a fund manager in Shanghai also said: “There is no need to lower positions in this market, (instead) it can increase.”