5 steps to aerobics for a sexy back

When doing the previous exercises, please pay attention to check your posture at all times and be careful not to bend the back.

  Action one: Please lie flat on the floor, with your stomach close to the ground.

Cross your hands behind your head and gently lift your head so that the side is off the ground.

Be careful not to use too much force.

Then back down, please control the speed.

Repeat this action 15 times for 2 groups.

  Action two: Separate your legs apart and shrink and bend them.

The top tilts forward, but the back end stays straight.

Hold the dumbbells in both hands and lift them horizontally, feeling the hip muscles exerting force.

Repeat this action 20 times for 2 groups.

  Action three: Stretch your legs together, insert your hands across the back of your head, and open them horizontally.

Lean your chest forward and back, repeat this action 20 times in 3 groups.

  Action 4: This exercise trains your upper hip muscles.

Keep your legs apart and shoulder width, shrink and bend.

Lean forward at the top, press your left hand on the top, hold your dumbbell to the toe to try to lengthen it, and then use your hips to pull back to the hip side, taking care not to bend.

Please control the speed.
This action is repeated 15 times in 2 groups.

  Action five: Lie flat on the ground, legs apart, and bend.

Then use your arms and feet to prop up your body, your back, hips and thighs all off the ground in a straight line.

Keep this position, straighten your right calf up and back down.

In the movement, please pay attention to the tension of the hip muscles.

This action is repeated 5 times on each side.