[How to make bayberry dried]_How to do_Practice

I believe that most people like to eat bayberry in life, but bayberry is bought too much at one time, and it is easy to break after eating, so everyone will make bayberry dry. Bayberry is not directly dried with fresh bayberry.Everyone also needs to add some seasonings to it. The more common ones are licorice powder, caster sugar, and citric acid.

Production method Raw material formula: 50 kg of fresh bayberry, 27 kg of white sugar, licorice powder 1.

5 kilograms, 25 grams of citric acid, 10 grams of carmine, 50 grams of sodium benzoate, 7 pieces of table salt Process flow: selection → salting → drying → rinsing → sugar → drying → packaging → finished product 1.

Selection of materials: Select fresh big bayberry with thick flesh as raw material.


Salting: Put fresh bayberry into the vat, add salt for 7 months and mix well with fresh bayberry, and leave a small amount of salt on the surface of bayberry, cover it with ravioli, press on the stones, and marinate for 5?
7 days.


Drying: remove the bayberry blank, drain off the salt solution, put it in the sun to dry, and put it away for future use.


Rinse: Remove the salted bayberry blank, immerse it in clean water, and change the water once every 10 minutes for 3 consecutive times. Wash and drain.


Sugar stains: Take 18 kg of water, add 22 pounds of white sugar, heat and liquefy, immerse the dried bayberry greens in the hot sugar solution, and add 5 kg of white sugars to the bayberry greens.

After leaving the honey stains for 24 hours, remove the bayberry, then cook the sugar solution to a thick, and add auxiliary materials such as licorice, add it to the bayberry blank again, and stir well.

Let stand for 48 hours.

In the meantime, it should be turned several times to make the bayberry suck the sugar solution.


Drying: Take the bayberry blank and put it in the sun to dry it.

Product features bright color and sour taste.