How to wake up dull complexion

Even with bright eyes and red lips and white teeth, the dark complexion is like a less clean canvas, so how can you not draw a healthy and beautiful makeup.
——Improve the dull complexion, make the skin completely glowing, and you will have more confident beauty.
  ■ Dark Skin Q & A: Huh?

What’s wrong with pigments? 的 My skin tone is darker and I start to have brown spots. Even in winter, it doesn’t look good. What should I do?
  A: Dull skin tone often comes from endless small spots.
Under normal circumstances, the skin produces the right amount of melanin particles, which are eliminated by the cell’s metabolism and will not affect our skin tone.
However, under the influence of many external factors such as ultraviolet radiation, taking drugs, endocrine disorders, etc., the skin will produce excessive melanin particles, which will cause pigmentation, resulting in dull and uneven skin tone.
  After understanding whether there are genetic, medicinal, and disease causes, it is most important to choose a whitening product that suits you.
In addition, foundations and concealers can be temporarily emergency.

Improving microcirculation 虽然 Although my skin has no spots, my complexion looks pale and lacks gloss. How can I deal with this problem?
  A: The skin is a mirror that reflects the internal health of the body.
The dull complexion indicates both external skin problems and internal physiological disorders.
The skin tone of healthy and fair skin is mainly derived from the microcirculation under the epidermis that provides nutrients to the skin.
Fatigue and stress slow the blood flow of the epidermis, limit the number of red blood cells, and the skin appears pale accordingly.
In order to obtain healthier, shiny skin, the epidermis must have good microcirculation.
  You should start to pay attention to exercise and diet. In addition, massage can increase the temperature of the skin and promote blood circulation, so as to provide sufficient nutrients for the skin and make the skin radiant.
In addition, you can choose skin care products to improve microcirculation to promote skin tone improvement.

Cleansing the cuticles My skin tone is yellow, even after applying foundation, it still looks dull, I don’t know how to brighten my skin tone?
  A: The dull and yellowish skin, in addition to genetic reasons, and its skin texture is oily, is often caused by the epidermal cuticle unable to carry out normal metabolism.
If the aging cuticle accumulated on the skin surface cannot be removed immediately, it will not only easily block the pores, but also make the skin dull and lack luster.
  Exfoliating is one of the quick ways to change dull, dull skin tone.
Remove the “dead skin” on the skin surface, and immediately show a smooth appearance.
After exfoliating the skin, the nutrients in the skin care products will be absorbed more smoothly, and the skin tone will be brighter.
  ■ Large review of skin lightening ingredients Facing with a lot of beautiful bottles on the counter, I often pick eyes.
Do you know what mysterious ingredients awaken your dull skin?
BAZAAR lists the most effective ingredients for your skin tone and helps you make the best reference.

Manganese tincture has the effect of gently exfoliating and preventing vasoconstriction. It can effectively activate and improve microcirculation, let the skin release vitality, and truly play a role in decompressing the skin.
This ingredient is included in Vichy’s new Oligo25 Brightening Vitality Series, which optimizes facial blood and moisture for 24 hours, thereby activating microcirculation and decompressing the skin.
  ?Pulsator Chanel Research Center’s original rhythmic stimulation complex for improving skin microcirculation is composed of fresh mushroom polysaccharide extract, European coast brown algae extract combined with light reflection and modified color ions. Among them, the anti-dull compound that makes the skin appear shiny is instantlyThe skin brings a bright color and makes the skin look softer.
  ?Fruit acid Konjac acid has the effect of promoting molting and adjusting skin color, especially suitable for darker and rougher oily skin.
It should be noted that the use of fruit acid products requires the skin to be resistant to fruit acids. Do not use it in large quantities every day, especially for thin skin, it is best to avoid using such products.
  ?Ginkgo The effect of Ginkgo biloba on improving blood circulation is well known.Alone or in combination with other active agents, can make people look radiant and facilitate cell oxygenation.

For people with a yellowish face and dark face, choosing skincare products containing ginkgo granules can make the skin glow and elastic.

  ?Vitamin C Vitamin C has a skin rejuvenating effect, not only because vitamin C has the ability to inhibit the activity of pigmented melanocytes, but also to promote microcirculation of blood vessels, it can eliminate toxins in skin tissues and make the skin shiny.

In addition, if you can continue to use vitamin C, it will help collagen in the dermal layer to grow, making the skin look elastic and not slack.

  ?Vitamin E Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that can resist free radical damage to the skin, fight against aggravation, protect skin tissue, and promote skin microvascular circulation.

The blood in the skin is bright and clean, and the complexion will naturally look rosy and energetic.

  ?Vitamin A Vitamin A can protect the epithelial tissue of the skin. If it is lacking, the skin will become dry and the keratin metabolism will be abnormal, which will cause keratinous accumulation and hypertrophy, the skin will be dull and dull, and wrinkles will appear.

Vitamin A acid can directly enter the nucleus, and through the synthesis of elastin and collagen, it can change the aging skin and make the skin younger and shiny.

  ?Polyphenols in green tea Green tea is a powerful antioxidant molecule that can prevent the damage caused by free radicals to elastic fibers. It is currently recognized as one of the most effective antioxidants.

When the polyphenols in green tea come into contact with the skin, they can immediately exert an activating effect and make the skin appear vibrant and shiny.