[How to make rice balls]_ How to make rice balls _ How to make rice balls _ How to make rice balls

When encountering a variety of cuisines, I think many people have zero IQ. Even if they lose weight, they may not take care of it.

In fact, if you want to eat with peace of mind and health, we learn to make grain rice balls at home, of course, it is safer and more secure.

So friends who like cooking will learn cooking with Xiaobian today!


Raw materials are available.


Black beans, red beans, soy beans, foam overnight.


Soak three kinds of beans, then add the right amount of washed glutinous rice and millet.


Put rice into the rice cooker.


Cook the whole grain rice and let cool.


Peanuts are cooked in a frying pan.


After cooling, put it in a fresh-keeping bag, and use a rolling pin to knock into peanuts.


White sesame cooked.


Add the right amount of salt and ground peanuts to make the filling.


Take a small piece of rice, place it on plastic wrap, and press flat.


Wrap in the right amount of peanut and sesame filling.


Close the mouth, and then shape it into a triangle.


Wrap a small piece of nori on the bottom.

No matter if you are new to cooking or veteran, you will definitely be able to complete it by yourself after reading the specific methods of grain rice ball.

So, put away your worries, and take action now, I believe you will soon be able to bring “gourmet” out of the pot.