[Can beer kill oral bacteria?

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Beer is a more common type of alcohol in daily life. There are many types of beer. Different beers have different tastes. The raw materials of beer are generally processed by wheat.High alcohol, alcohol with high alcohol content can effectively kill bacterial components in the mouth, and can also solve the role of oral cleansing.

Can beer kill oral bacteria?

1. 70% or 75% alcohol capacity for medical sterilization.

Too high or too low cannot sterilize.

Alcohol-free is far below this concentration2. In addition to eliminating oral bacteria, brushing your teeth also has a physical cleaning effect.

It can clean up the food debris in the interdental space, avoid its residual spoilage in the mouth, and create conditions for the survival of bacteria. The benefits of drinking beer1. Drinking beer in moderation can prevent osteoporosis because beer contains silicon, which can prevent the human bodyLoss of calcium can increase bone density and prevent osteoporosis.

2. Niacin in beer can soften blood vessels, so drinking in moderation prevents arteriosclerosis.

3. Beer is made from cereals and contains vitamin B, so drinking in moderation can prevent beriberi and concomitant diseases.

4. Vitamin C is contained in beer, so adding a suitable amount of beer can soften blood vessels, while the alpha resin beta resin contained in beer can kill Staphylococcus and Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

5. Carbohydrates in beer are easily absorbed by the human body. If a person sweats a lot during labor, taking away potassium, calcium and other ions, people will be fatigued, but a moderate amount of beer can effectively relieve fatigue.

6. Beer contains rich nutrients such as sugars, vitamins, and so on. Stirring beer in moderation is good for appetite.

Disadvantages 1. If you take too much beer, the absolute amount of alcohol will increase, which will increase the burden on the liver and directly damage the liver tissue.

2. Barley is used as the main raw material for beer, and barley has the effect of returning milk. If a lactating woman ingests beer, it will inhibit the secretion of milk.

3, beer wort contains ursolic acid, if excessive beer can cause kidney stones, and can cause gout.