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Female friends need to pay attention to many things during pregnancy, especially in diet, because many things may cause obesity, so female friends during pregnancy will first consult whether they can eat.

Xianrenban is a traditional southern snack, which is very refreshing in summer.

Can pregnant women eat fairy board?

Let ‘s introduce it to pregnant women.

First, the fairy dew fragrance is called banana dew.

It is made from banana mud and soaked with water for several hours, then filtered out to turn into banana dew.

But all are made with spices.

Second, the production method of Meizhou Hakka people’s immortal lotus made from immortal grass as the main raw material, immortal grass also known as jelly grass, like to be born in slopes, valleys, Yiwei Ganliang, has the effect of clearing away heat and relieve heat.

The method of making fairy clams is to sterilize. First add dried immortal grass to the pot and cook. When the heat reaches a certain level, remove the grass stains, filter the immortal grass soup, and then pour an appropriate amount of starch or rice flour and sweet potato flour.Stir and pour the soup into a porcelain bowl to cool it after it becomes a paste.

After being cooled, the celestial magpie is black gelatinous. It can be served in a bowl when edible. It can be crushed with a knife, accompanied by honey (or sugar) and incense, sweet, fragrant, tough, slippery, and with “celestial grass”.Unique fragrance.

It not only quenches thirst, but also has a variety of effects such as clearing heat and expelling summer heat, helping digestion, lowering blood lipids, and treating diabetes.

Now in Meizhou’s supermarkets, there are immortal clams that can be eaten immediately. You can add hot water at a certain ratio, and after cooling, they will become delicious immortal clams. The price is also affordable.

Third, the production of fairy board ingredients: Xianren lotus root powder 2 packets of auxiliary materials: the right amount of red beans, the right amount of condensed milk, the right amount of water production steps: 1.

Prepare material 2.

Take two sachets of fairy powder and pour it into a pot. Use 60ml of cold boiling water to make a seedless thin paste. 3

Let the paste pearl soak in 3?
5 minutes 4.

Add 1000ml of water, about 5 bowls of water.

Stir while turning clockwise until the water is boiling 6.

Fill the container and wait for cooling to solidify.

Cut into cubes and put in a bowl (you can eat without spooning) 8.

You can add the banana juice to eat 9.

You can also add 10 powdered sugar.

You can also add red beans to eat 11.

You can also pour it into condensed milk