A cupping benevolence expert at home to teach you

“Cupping” is a popular name for cupping therapy, also known as “pipe drawing” or “suction cup”.

It is a method of treating diseases by removing the air in the tank by heat, and using the negative pressure to absorb the skin and cause blood stasis.

This therapy can eliminate cold and dampness, dredge the meridians, eliminate stagnation, qi and blood circulation, swelling and pain relief, detoxification and fever, and has the function of adjusting the balance of yin and yang of the human body, relieve fatigue, and enhance physical fitness, so as to achieve righteousness and cure evil.The purpose of the disease.

Therefore, many diseases can be treated with cupping therapy.

For example, when people reach middle age, musculoskeletal pain is common. According to the explanation of traditional Chinese medicine, it is mostly rheumatism.

Covering the mouth of the affected area when cupping, you can slowly suck out the moisture at the lesion, and at the same time promote local blood circulation to achieve pain relief and restore function, so as to treat rheumatism, “pain”, ache and bones, and other discomfort.

  Because cupping can activate qi and blood circulation, dispel wind and dispel cold, reduce swelling and relieve pain, it has a certain therapeutic effect on back muscle strain and lumbar disc herniation.

Mr. Diao also introduced that cupping can also be used on acupoints of the human body to treat headaches, dizziness, eye swelling, cough, asthma, abdominal pain and other problems. Multiple cups can be used at the same time.

  Home Renai Hospital experts remind: Because it is a professional treatment, cupping is of course not easy. If you do it at home regardless of 3,721, it is easy to cause danger. There is no shortage of accidents in cupping in life.event.

If the acupuncture points are applied randomly, it will sometimes be counterproductive.

  First of all, pay attention to the selection of materials. Traditional Chinese medicine uses bamboo tubes. If found, glass bottles and ceramic cups are fine, but the mouth must be thick and smooth, so that the mouth of the fire can’t hurt the skin, and the bottom should be wide and semi-circular.

  Before cupping, the can should be washed and dried, and then the patient should be placed or seated comfortably, exposing the part to be cupped, and then ignited into the can.

When igniting, generally use one hand to hold the canister and the other hand to hold the fired spy. The operation should be fast, shake the fired spy in the pot after a few shakes and withdraw, and place the pot on the place to be treated quickly; fireWhen the burner is still burning, you must cover the mouth of the canister to the affected area, and do not wait for the fire to go out, otherwise it will be too loose, which is not conducive to sucking out the moisture.

Be careful not to heat the edge of the can to prevent burns.

  Generally, you can remove the can for 15-20 minutes. Do not pull the can forcibly, do not pull it hard and turn it. The main action is to tilt the can to one side with one hand, and poke the skin with the other hand to let the air enter the can through the gap.The jar will detach from the skin naturally.

  Can can also be used.

After the jar is covered, hold the jar with one or two hands, lift it slightly, and push and pull the jar to move on the patient’s skin.

Can move in one direction or back and forth.

This treated several areas.

When walking the tank, pay attention to apply some lubricants, such as glycerin, paraffin oil, scraping oil, etc. on the part or the mouth of the tank to prevent the skin from being damaged when the tank is walking.

  Cupping is also dialectical. Experts at Shanghai Ren’ai Hospital paid particular attention to some taboos of cupping, such as full stomach, and fasting should not be operated; early defecation should be performed first; the same place cannot be cupped daily, and cupping should not be done until the spots of cupping have subsided.

For some people, it is a contraindication for cupping. People with heart disease, blood disease, skin disease, skin damage, mental illness or neuroticism, tuberculosis and various infectious diseases, various fractures, extreme weakness, pregnant women, women’s menstruationPeriod, too full, too thirsty, too thirsty, drunk, etc., should be supplemented or used with caution cupping therapy.

People who are too thin should not use hot pots.

The head and heart should be used with caution. Do not use crucibles for any injuries, trauma, internal muscle tears, etc. Do not use crucibles, otherwise it will backfire.

  As a traditional Chinese medicine external treatment method, cupping must also be dialectical.

For example, headaches are usually treated with acupoints. At this time, the symptoms must be distinguished. Cupping on the forehead and temples is mainly applicable to exogenous wind and cold headaches; those with more severe headaches can choose points such as sun, sun white, and Zhongchong; hypertensionFor headaches, double sun and Yintang are optional; if the pain is forehead, it will be added to the drama plus double bamboo; for the pain, the top of the head will be added to Baihui; if the neck is inconvenient, double wind pools will be added; dizziness, dazzling, tinnitus and other symptoms are prominentThose who add double-headed Wei points.

At this time, it is not possible for ordinary people to operate. Under the guidance of a doctor, it is necessary to operate according to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine meridian.