Eight elements of makeup remover moisturizing win in the first step

You who love beauty must know that “moisturizing” is the number one priority for beauty, but do you know that the moment you remove your makeup, the moisture will slip away?

Moisturizing makeup is your goal, you must not let your moisturizing task fail the first step!

  When a small amount of makeup is removed, after repeated rubbing, the makeup residue and pore debris are removed at the same time. At the same time, the double residual makeup and dirt are taken away, and the moisture on the skin surface is also taken away a lot.

If you have dry skin or have been suffering from dry skin damage during the season change, it does not prevent you from starting. Consider using a cream and gel oil makeup remover.

The essence of this type is just similar to skin care products. It contains a large number of moisturizing skin care ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, glycerin, lavender, and makeup while maintaining the skin’s water and oil balance, and it is more difficult for the skin to lose moisture.

  Some people say that the makeup remover of makeup remover or cream is not as strong as the makeup remover.

In fact, using the right method is the key to thoroughly removing makeup.

For the makeup remover cream to make full use of its makeup removing power, you can first “warm” the face: first heat and dry the towel in hot water, or put the wet towel in the oven for 30 seconds to 1 minute, then gentlyLeave on a wooden board for 2-3 minutes.

The increase of heat energy and temperature can quickly soften the dry skin, make the stratum corneum soft, and the dirt will more easily float on the surface of the skin, and then use the cream to easily remove the makeup.

  Too much emulsification. People mistakenly think that makeup remover or cream does not need to be emulsified with water.

This view needs to be corrected most precisely!

The emulsification process is a decontamination process, so whether the emulsification is thorough or not determines the thorough cleaning.

Take an appropriate amount of makeup remover milk or cream and preheat it by rubbing and heating the palm. After a while, apply to a wooden board to improve the decontamination ability.

Then pat the cotton pad that has been dipped in a small amount of warm water on the tibia, and then massage it with your fingers a little to thoroughly emulsify, until the cream becomes a milky white semi-liquid, and then wipe it with a cotton pad.

  Is massage make-up a good time for massage?

Some people will question whether massaging the skin while removing makeup and re-makeup and dirt into the pores.

Don’t worry about it.

Makeup molecules are large enough to dissolve into pores.

Massaging the skin for about one minute while removing makeup can help better alleviate dirt on the skin surface, at the same time promote skin blood circulation, increase the skin’s water holding capacity, and better absorb the nutrients of skin care products in subsequent skin care.

  Injection After the emulsification and massage steps are completed, we can take a cotton pad and wipe the remaining emulsion clean.

Obviously, the “wiping” here should be called “clogging” in the strict sense. Gently rub the skin to remove the excess liquid. While taking away the dirt, it is not easy to produce too much friction.

Excessive friction on the skin will destroy the surface structure of the skin, and it will also wipe away more moisture and accelerate skin aging.

  Details want to completely remove the burden of plaster, many easy to overlook and unexpected details are also worth paying attention to, such as eyebrows.

Residual dirt is easily inadvertently covered by eyebrows, let us ignore it.

Remember to press back and forth a few times from the center of the eyebrow to the end of the eyebrow when removing makeup, so that the dirt hidden in the gap between the eyebrows has nowhere to hide!

In addition, near the hairline, the positions of the two ends of the nose are also often overlooked.

  Specializing in now that makeup removers and creams have completely cleaned the makeup, do you still need a cleansing product such as a facial cleanser?

The answer is yes.

Because general makeup remover removes oily dirt similar to makeup, while facial cleansers and the like remove size dirt, so they can be described as “specialized in surgery”.

Even if you just apply isolated sunscreen products, you also need to use makeup remover to remove the protective film formed on the surface of the skin, and then clean it with a cleanser, otherwise you will only be capillary pores and accelerate aging.

  If the water temperature wants to give the skin moisture when removing makeup, the essence of the last step of washing cannot be ignored.

In addition to tapping the skin to expand pores, the water temperature is also particular about it.

Generally speaking, when the water temperature is close to the human body temperature, the dirt can be better dissolved and the pore impurities can be completely removed.

The test proves that when the water temperature is about 30 ° C, the skin will feel the most comfortable, and removing makeup will help lock the moisture.

Don’t use cold water, because cold water will tighten the pores, instead of dissolving the dirt, it may block the pores, but it will pay more.