Acne must be scientific. Acne cannot be squeezed casually.

Click to buy female friends who have acne all over the body will get used to squeezing.

But, you know what?

Squeezing acne is also dangerous, especially the acne in the “triangular area” of the face cannot be squeezed casually. Why is this?

Today, I will tell you how to properly care for acne.

  The principle of daily care for acne is correct makeup.

For girls who love beauty, who doesn’t like makeup?

Does anyone have a decent set of cosmetics?

However, when using cosmetics, you must choose according to your skin condition.

In order to avoid causing acne suddenly, change oily cosmetics aside. Oily substances can block pores. These foundation creams will stick to the pore walls.

Many cosmetics that can cover acne well are harmful to pores. If you have to use daily cosmetics, you should choose a water-based foundation cream to cover acne.

  Abandon those germs.

When acne appears in the bladder, girls like to cover with foundation.

As everyone knows, if you use a puff or sponge on acne-prone areas, the bacteria on the skin will stick to it. When you put the puff back in the makeup box, the bacteria will start to multiply in the cosmetics.

Therefore, you should use toilet paper or disposable cotton pads to apply powder. For liquid foundation cream, use a new cotton swab.

Also, avoid using makeup brushes repeatedly, as the bristles carry powder and bacteria from the water.

  The duration of sunlight exposure.

The spring is sunny and how many people hope and pursue in the afternoon taking a nap in the sun.

However, for people with full length acne, it is necessary to pay attention.

This is because a small amount of sunlight can stimulate the replacement of the skin’s surface layer, while excessive sunlight or transfer can produce more sebum, making acne more serious.

Therefore, people with acne should avoid direct sunlight and continuous exposure to the sun.

  be patient.

A bladder develops for no reason. Who can calm it down?

However, you need to know that whatever you do, you have a time.

Acne is also effective. Don’t expect to see results immediately after treatment. It is likely that it will take a month or more before you know that the treatment is still working.

  Traditional Chinese medicine acne mask method: Many people apply masks all the time. In fact, traditional Chinese medicine masks are also your must-have.

At this point, someone is about to say that Chinese medicine can still be masked?

This is indeed the case. Traditional Chinese medicine masks are usually homemade. After boiling the traditional Chinese medicine formula in a casserole for two hours, add honey to it and stir into a honey paste.

Then clean the face with warm water and apply the homemade mask to both ends. After thirty minutes, clean the face.

The best way to eat it is twice a day for at least two weeks.

  Oral therapy with traditional Chinese medicine: For the treatment of acne in traditional Chinese medicine, you must also pay attention to your own internal medicine method.

This is a conditioning method. Everyone knows that Chinese medicine is a chronic functional drug, so it usually takes a few consecutive courses to have a certain effect.

  Chinese medicine internal and external conditioning method: The conditioning of traditional Chinese medicine is also very important in life. You must pay attention to your own health and health methods.

This method is simple and easy for patients.

The traditional Chinese medicine acne formula has a high degree of recognition in the medical community in our country at present. Its ingredients are pure traditional Chinese medicine preparations. Its role is to fundamentally solve problems, to regulate endocrine disorders, and to treat abnormalitiesSoft tissues have a healing effect.

  Next, let me tell you why you can’t squeeze acne.

  The Dangerous Consequences of Squeezing Acne How many people have had such confusion in life, and a few small acne have grown out of their arms?

At this time, many people think that the treatment of acne is “crowding.”

As everyone knows, not all positions can be squeezed, such as the “danger triangle”.  The human face, from nose to lips to chin, is a typical “danger triangle”.

Basically, the venous blood of the human body flows in the direction of the heart, and the venous valve in the vein has the ability to prevent blood from flowing backward.

However, human facial veins do not have this type of venous valve, and blood can flow up and down to the brain and down to the vein here.

Therefore, the veins of the face are directly or indirectly connected to the veins of the brain.

  It can be imagined that when you squeeze the acne in the “dangerous triangle”, it is very likely that the bacteria will be squeezed into the vein without the valve, which will cause the infection in the triangle and form a thrombus in the vein in front, affectingNormal venous blood flows back to the supraocular vein, passes through the embryo and leads to the cavernous sinus in the intracranial sphenoid spine, spreads the cavernous body into the skull, and produces severe complications of cavernous sinus suppuration and thrombophlebitis.
Once complications occur, symptoms such as eyelid edema, laryngeal stasis, anterior protrusion of the eyeball, abduction, ptosis of the upper eyelid, and even vision impairment can be prevented. The disease can be prevented from spreading to the eyes and surrounding tissues, and chills and fever can occur throughout the body, Headache, etc. In severe cases, even sepsis, toxemia, and life-threatening can occur.

  From this point of view, if you want to get acne, you must use the right method.