Facial facial massage after the holiday

Brief content: Spring Festival is passing by, visiting relatives and friends, even filling up the stomach, filling up a special supplement, his face is also beautifully dressed up.

After the end of the long holiday, the face receiving excessive “nutrition” care needs to relax in time, do a relaxing massage for your face, and bring a soothing and charming look to the skin!

  Acupoint massage method: Massage according to the acupoints of the human body.

The MM who is accustomed to sitting in front of the computer, and left the acupuncture points on his face for 3 minutes, will get your “good face” at any time!


Temple: When you are tired, you are often at the temple position: The position of the temple is shifted, so Xiaobian will not hesitate.

  Efficacy: The temples are closely related to facial nerves. Chinese medicine believes that temples are good for drainage and swelling, and have effects on facial edema caused by poor circulation in the body and dull complexion caused by excessive fatigue.

  Massage method: use the thumbs of both hands to reach into the acupuncture point, and gently massage, if necessary, you can also supplement the forehead and orbital massage at the same time, anytime, anywhere.


Yingxiang Acupuncture: Massage the Yingxiang Acupuncture to help adjust the complexion and glow healthy.

  Location: Yingxiang Acupuncture Point is located on both sides of the nose, perpendicular to the eyes when looking straight.

  Efficacy: Massaging this acupoint can quickly eliminate lung fire, and it has a significant regulating effect on the complexion caused by physical discomfort.

  Massage method: Use your fingertips to pierce the acupoints, apply pressure slightly, and push them back and forth in the left and right directions to stimulate the acupuncture points.

About 1 minute each time, recommended before bedtime.

In addition to the fingertip pressure of the commonly used index finger, Chinese medicine believes that the thumb that belongs to the Taiyin Lung Meridian of the hand and the large intestine meridian to which Yingxiang Point belongs have a “yin and yang surface” relationship. Changing the thumb to massage will double the effect.


Daying Acupoints: Many skin care products that definitely have the effect of revitalizing and firming skin will recommend a massage operation similar to massage to the face while using the product, and one of the essential exercises is to require the palms of both hands from the cheeks.Pushing and pulling from bottom to top, in fact, this is the Daying Acupoint that uses traditional Chinese medicine that believes it can promote blood circulation in the face.

  Location: Daying Acupoint is located on the right mandible, with the lips obliquely below and the depression of the chin bone.

  Efficacy: It can not only make the blood circulation on the face smooth, but also have the beauty effect of firm skin.

Because it happens to be close to the cheeks on both sides of the chin, it is not unreasonable to say “the woman who likes to support the cheek is a small face beauty”.

  Massage method: insert forefinger with forefinger, press for 6 seconds while exhaling, repeat 4?
5 groups.

  Massage points: 1.

Because the massage of the face is closely related to blood circulation, it is recommended that after the bath, massage with sufficient blood supply on the face and natural pores of the skin will be more effective.


In order to help the metabolism run normally, you can drink a glass of warm water after the massage to help the dirt on the face and replace it again.

  Strange area: You need to try coffee thin face to massage fresh objects. Coffee massage, what a novel word, the refreshing products often replaced on weekdays, can also be used as a massage aid!

Absolutely, coffee can lose weight. With its magical effect, it can also reduce face. With massage techniques, it can make the complexion look better and thinner at the same time.

  Method: Put a proper amount of coffee powder into the massage cream, and massage the syringe from the jaw to the cheek area with a light hand. It lasts for 15-20 minutes every day, which is very effective for tightening the cheek and double chin.

  Incredible massage cream massage: Massage cream skin care is gradually popular, because massage the face effectively detox, and massage can also promote blood circulation in the face, thereby further promoting the absorption of skin care products, and thus more effectively improve skin problems.

Not only that, massage skin can restore skin elasticity, even skin tone, and balance oil, so massage cream skin care has good reasons to become a great magic weapon for skin care.

  Massage cream is a compressor for skin massage. In addition, it has moisturizing, nourishing, and exfoliating effects.

Massaging the skin can promote skin metabolism and blood circulation, smooth skin breathing, make the skin healthy and rosy, and feel very comfortable.

  Tips from the editor: Using salt to scrub while massaging is more effective.

Salt is sufficient for anti-inflammatory and germicidal purposes, and can also be used as a very soft scrub particle during massage.

Many people have sensitive skin. When using scrubs, they will scratch the skin. The salt melts a little in the massage cream. Its fine particles will become smooth, not horny, and will not damage the skin.

  Apply massage cream evenly on the whole body after washing.

Heat your hands and cover them for a while to melt the massage cream and speed up the blood circulation on the face. Then you can massage.
  1. Gently massage according to the correct method. Don’t use too much fingers until the skin feels slightly warm, and then continue to massage with another part.
  2. After the entire facial massage is completed, take a small spoon of salt, dip it with your fingers, pat it gently on the face, and repeat the massage procedure again.

  3. Wash your face with warm water and apply skin care products.

Product recommendation: Ya Ha Ya Si Rui Ning Shi Yue moving massage cream Reference price: RMB 180 / 80g Product description: Soften tired skin caused by external damage such as dryness and disorder of life rhythm, adjust to healthy skin state and restore by massageVibrant and toned skin.

The smooth and mellow massage cream spreads on the skin, which can reduce the burden on the skin caused by massage friction. From beginning to end, you can use gentle finger massage.

Massage to soothe the skin while promoting blood circulation.

Contains nano particles, which give a moderate massage stimulation to the skin surface, and the particles gradually melt during the massage.

  Recommended reason: effectively adjust the stratum corneum formation environment, so that the texture of the skin surface is full of tension and gloss.

Adjusts the internal environment of the skin and maintains tension and elasticity from the inside out.

Adding tea extract with antioxidant effect, the elegant fragrance with orchid as the main note makes the treatment time feel comfortable and pleasant.

MAMONDE dream makeup magic vitality massage cream Reference price: RMB109 / 90ML Product introduction: Dream makeup magic vitality massage cream, after applying, make the skin naturally moisturize and restore vitality.

The tiny soft granules generated by the massage work together with the papaya extract to remove aging cuticles and make the skin full of vitality.

Contains flower moisturizing complex and plant-derived ingredients to help skin retain moisture for a long time.

Suitable for people with rough skin, difficult to apply makeup, tight and uncomfortable skin, and people with dehydrated skin.

  Recommended reason: gently and gently remove excess horny skin, increase skin vitality, and brighten skin tone.

Massage can improve skin condition and make makeup easier!

Is a very cost-effective product!

Clinique Crystal Seven Days Massage Cream Reference Price: RMB250 / 100ml Product Introduction: Makes skin brighter, fresher, fades fine lines, tightens skin, and controls oil secretion.

Adds shine to skin for easier application

Makes the moisture layer easier to absorb moisture.

Does not harm the skin.

No residue remains after washing with water.

Removes dead skin cells, brightens skin, and cleanses pores.

Suitable for all skin types, removes dead skin cells, brightens skin, cleans pores, and reduces fine lines.

  Recommended reason: brighten race, increase skin brightness, and maintain beautiful appearance before makeup.

Completely moisturizing effect, control oil secretion.

Does not increase the burden on the skin, so that the skin maintains a long-lasting good complexion!

Shiseido Brightening Massage Cream Reference Price: RMB 350 / 50g Product Description: Promote blood circulation on the face without any burden on the skin, making the skin moist and elastic.

Gently wipe off after massage.

The faint floral fragrance relaxes your body.

Suitable for women who want to get a full massage and enjoy the skin.

Promote skin metabolism, enhance cell vitality, and weaken dark spots, brown spots, and make the skin healthy, balanced and bright.

Main ingredients: double-acting vitamin C, arbutin, Asian plant extract, vitamin E extract (promoting microcirculation formula) Recommended reason: added dual target vitamin C and arbutin, whitening skin and moisturizing at the same time, effective for removing sun spotsThe light fragrance makes the whole massage process more comfortable.