[How to make a heart-shaped cream cake]_Home-made method of heart-shaped cream cake_How to make a heart-shaped cream cake_How to make a heart-shaped cream cake

Everyone knows that diet is especially important for health. If you want to be healthy, pay more attention to your diet on weekdays. It is best to cook at home. In fact, many home-cooked dishes are even delicious.It’s not difficult to talk about the heart-shaped cream cake. It only takes a little work and time.

1. Prepare ingredients.

2. The egg yolks are beaten into different bowls.

3. Add milk corn oil to egg yolk and stir well.

4. Add white sugar and stir well.

5. Sift into low powder and mix well.

6. Mix the egg yolk paste.

7, egg white and lemon juice and sugar.

8. Pass to dry foaming.

9. Take 1/3 of the protein paste into the egg yolk paste and mix well.

10. Pour back into the protein paste and mix well.

11. Pour into the mold and shake out air bubbles.

12. Preheat the oven at 170 degrees for five minutes and bake for 40 minutes. Cover with tin foil after coloring.

13, remove the buckle and let cool.

14, cream and sugar to pass.

15. Take 1/3 of the butter cream and add the color and mix well. Put the original cream into the decorating bag separately and decorate the cake.

The taste of the heart-shaped cream cake gives a shock to the taste buds at the first bite, which makes one cannot help eating the second bite. This is the unique charm of this dish.